Inexpensive landscaping

garden1Landscaping is something that can become quite costly. One does not have to have a plan or when you are adding items like a deck, patio or gazebo. Get your yard beautiful you are looking for even on a budget.  When working on your hardscapes, consider using used wood or bricks to complete your project.  You will save money over time. Another great way to get the color into the area is to ask friends and neighbors for cuttings of perennials.  Great things to ask for are hostas and irises. These beauties are hardy and versatile and will multiply each year.  However, if you must buy plants try buying them at the end of the season.  As crazy as this sounds, it will save you lots of money and even though the plants might look ragged and dead, take a look at the root system.  If it is not mushy and the soil looks good, this plant can be salvaged.  Plant these and when spring comes, they will look good and at the beginning of the season.  Also, buying ground covers is a great way to grow over a short period. They are also easily divided so you can buy a small container of these and cover many areas of your landscape.  Planting in numbers is also a great way to save some money over the years.  In the wild, plants grow in clusters and planting like this will mimic a more natural environment as well as make your landscape look fuller and more intricate than just planting things several inches or even feet apart.  Also, when buying plants, make sure to buy perennials.  These will come back each year and significantly reduce the time spent on new plants and flowers.  Most of these will even get bigger and multiply year after year.  Saving money on landscaping is much easier than you think and with a plan in mind you will be successful in having a beautiful, yet affordable yard or garden.


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