Rose Gardening

rose Although rose gardening does not have a reputation of being something that it is easy to do, this has changed over the years.  With the many different varieties, sizes and shapes, one can find their needs for your garden or landscape area. Two important things to know about planting roses are planting them properly and making sure they have the correct sun and soil conditions. It doesn’t matter the type of rose one plants as long as it gets sunlight areas and will need soil conditions that are moist, but well drained.  They also love soil that is rich in its organic elements.  Roses need to get at least six hours of full sunlight each day.  When the plants get less than this, they may not bloom nicely or at all and will be more vulnerable to disease and pest infestations.

rosesThere are two kinds of roses that you can buy.  You can buy ones already in containers, or you can get bare root types.  Bare roots are just roots that are dormant, and container roses are ones that are already growing and may even have some blooms on them.  Bare root ones should be soaked in room temperature water for at least twenty-four hours before planting. Container varieties can grow in the springtime right after you purchase them.  After planting, make sure to water them a little extra to help them adjust to their new homes and give them a good layering of mulch, about two to three inches. Mulch helps retain the moisture. As with any rose plant, pruning will be needed at some point during their lifetimes. Prune or trim in the early spring, right before they enter their growing period. It keeps your roses more colorful and healthy in the process.  There are so many helpful things you can do to ensure that your rose plants more than exceed your expectations.  Give some of these things a try!


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