Vegetable Gardening

org4Vegetable gardening is more popular than ever especially with people wanting to become more and more self-sufficient.  Here are some tips you can use to make sure you have a very beautiful, productive and healthy garden area. Start with your soil first. Feeding and building up your soil is one of the best and more beneficial things you could do. It will also increase the amount each plant yields.  You can achieve this faster by making raised bed.  You can also add compost, which is rich in organic matter and prepare to be amazed at how this do it yourself soil amendment will totally transform your vegetable garden.  You can also shape your beds.  Shaping your beds will give you extra room for your plants that is great for those trying to stock up, trade with others or those who love to can things!  Spacing is also something that will improve the overall health and production of your vegetable garden.  Planting in a zig zag pattern has proven to be the most effective pattern for planting.  You will also be able to fit more plants in each area, and you will make sure each has enough room to grow and develop properly.
org3If you have a smaller landscape, consider growing things vertically instead of always horizontally.  You can grow things like tomatoes and strawberries in hanging baskets or help squash, and other vines like plants grow up on a trellis or other status to allow for more room in your garden area.  You can also practice crop rotation.  Each year, plant things in a different area. It will decrease your chances of pests and disease.  Growing like vegetables that have the same sunlight and soil conditions will also improve the health and productivity of the garden.  It is called companion planting, and even plants need friends!  Make sure also to keep the area mulched and moist and full of sunlight.  Most vegetables needs these things in order to meet their potential and give you the most return.  As with any garden, one of the best things you can do is be out there every day checking on your plants and making sure they have what they need.


Gardening Chemical tips – which ones to use and not use

org3At some point in our gardening careers, it may become necessary to use some chemicals such as pesticides to cure disease and pest infestations in our garden or landscape areas. How does one store and dispose of these kinds of chemicals? Pesticide is an umbrella name for things such as herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.  Before you using any product on your plants read labels, do not harm your garden area or the wildlife around it. Determine what your problem is.  There are different chemicals designed to target different pests, and you want to make sure you have the right one.  Also, after you apply the chemicals to the affected area unless the package instructs you to and also do not let these chemicals drain into storm drains as this affect the entire neighborhood.

garden1Also, do not use pesticides if you are expecting rain and remember to keep away from the area so as not to cause harm to yourself or your family.  Additionally, make sure to wear protective eyewear and a long sleeved shirt to protect yourself from accidental contact with the chemicals.  When storing these, make sure to keep them in a cool, separate area that is out of reach of your small children and animals.  If you need to dispose of any leftover products one can give them away to neighbors, friends or family.  If nobody wants them, you do not have a whole lot of options other than keeping them around.  You cannot pour these down a storm drain, and it is against the law.  You will need to take the leftover products to a household hazardous waste site so that professionals can take care of these properly. So when it comes to using, storing and disposing of garden chemicals you need to remember to get rid of them safely.

Rose Gardening

rose Although rose gardening does not have a reputation of being something that it is easy to do, this has changed over the years.  With the many different varieties, sizes and shapes, one can find their needs for your garden or landscape area. Two important things to know about planting roses are planting them properly and making sure they have the correct sun and soil conditions. It doesn’t matter the type of rose one plants as long as it gets sunlight areas and will need soil conditions that are moist, but well drained.  They also love soil that is rich in its organic elements.  Roses need to get at least six hours of full sunlight each day.  When the plants get less than this, they may not bloom nicely or at all and will be more vulnerable to disease and pest infestations.

rosesThere are two kinds of roses that you can buy.  You can buy ones already in containers, or you can get bare root types.  Bare roots are just roots that are dormant, and container roses are ones that are already growing and may even have some blooms on them.  Bare root ones should be soaked in room temperature water for at least twenty-four hours before planting. Container varieties can grow in the springtime right after you purchase them.  After planting, make sure to water them a little extra to help them adjust to their new homes and give them a good layering of mulch, about two to three inches. Mulch helps retain the moisture. As with any rose plant, pruning will be needed at some point during their lifetimes. Prune or trim in the early spring, right before they enter their growing period. It keeps your roses more colorful and healthy in the process.  There are so many helpful things you can do to ensure that your rose plants more than exceed your expectations.  Give some of these things a try!

Chinquapin Oak Trees

oak2Chinquapin Trees is a hardwood tree with the botanical name of Quercus muehlenbergii.  That’s a mouthful!  It does best in zone eight and even though it is particularly hardy, it sometimes has a hard time getting established in their new homes. They need little maintaining and have one of these beauties for your very own.  The most critical time for this tree is during the first two years.  Most experts recommend buying them as either an air root sapling or a burlap wrapped root ball sapling.  These are the two kinds with the best chances of surviving the transplant and adapting processes.  It is a type of the oak tree and needs to grow during the spring months of the year for best results.  This tree will need at least six hours of direct sunlight each day and need soil conditions that are moist, but well drained. Before planting, make sure the area has been cleared of any debris such as weeds or rocks.  This area should be about three to four feet in diameter to limit the tree having to compete with other plants and flowers for water and food from the soil.

oak3The hole you plan to put the tree also needs to be at least twice as big as the root system on what you purchased.  Loosening the soil before placing the root ball is also helpful as the roots will be able to spread and grow easier and with less stress.  When planting this tree make sure the trunk is straight and that when you cover it with the soil, make sure not to stomp it with your feet.  Gently pat it down with your hands and then add water.   After it is done, cover the entire area that you cleared, including the planting area with several layers of mulch. Keep the mulch not close to the trunk, and this will help with holding the moisture in and keeps the climate where it needs to be.  Make sure to keep these seedling watered and enjoy the many years it will bring your landscape!

Inexpensive landscaping

garden1Landscaping is something that can become quite costly. One does not have to have a plan or when you are adding items like a deck, patio or gazebo. Get your yard beautiful you are looking for even on a budget.  When working on your hardscapes, consider using used wood or bricks to complete your project.  You will save money over time. Another great way to get the color into the area is to ask friends and neighbors for cuttings of perennials.  Great things to ask for are hostas and irises. These beauties are hardy and versatile and will multiply each year.  However, if you must buy plants try buying them at the end of the season.  As crazy as this sounds, it will save you lots of money and even though the plants might look ragged and dead, take a look at the root system.  If it is not mushy and the soil looks good, this plant can be salvaged.  Plant these and when spring comes, they will look good and at the beginning of the season.  Also, buying ground covers is a great way to grow over a short period. They are also easily divided so you can buy a small container of these and cover many areas of your landscape.  Planting in numbers is also a great way to save some money over the years.  In the wild, plants grow in clusters and planting like this will mimic a more natural environment as well as make your landscape look fuller and more intricate than just planting things several inches or even feet apart.  Also, when buying plants, make sure to buy perennials.  These will come back each year and significantly reduce the time spent on new plants and flowers.  Most of these will even get bigger and multiply year after year.  Saving money on landscaping is much easier than you think and with a plan in mind you will be successful in having a beautiful, yet affordable yard or garden.

Gardening containers can be found anywhere!

containe1Any container can be a garden container as long as it has drainage holes. These will make a garden or natural area look amazing when using them to create a beautiful container garden.  The great containers will also bring a wonderful feel inside when there are some indoor plants inside of the home. Sometimes they are hard to narrow down for your plants. Always remember to get one that will allow the plant to grow for several years without having to move. It will send the plans into shock, and they will not grow well for at least a year after that. They need holes in the bottoms so that all of the excess water can run out of them.  If the water can run away from the roots, it will not cause root rot from occurring to damage the plant.  Sometimes there are bottoms that can be purchased to match the garden container that can be used to collect all the excess water.  containerThe plants will eventually use up all the water as it is needed. Check and see if the plants become dry when they are inside or outside. Make sure they are made of great quality material.  You do not want to spend money on one that will not last and hold up to harsh weather outside.  Garden containers are available in ceramic, and these are usually made and created to be very decorative.  They will work great inside of the home and will also look amazing when placed around on a large porch or patio.  If there is a large walkway, they are also a great addition to spreading out for an outstanding border and will look amazing when plants and flowers, begin to grow in them.  When choosing plants always choose a container that will look great and give the plant plenty of room. They can stretch their roots out and grow to become beautiful and healthy plants that will add lots of pizazz to a home and garden area.

Gardening is rewarding

gardenGardening is a hobby that a homeowner could have.  When this hobby is enjoyed something good and beautiful will always come out of the accomplishments.  Gardening can give some much-needed exercise.  This hobby is not for someone that is just wants to go outside and relax in the wonderful sunshine. It is a great one because it will keep someone pretty busy and can become something that is done every day for a little while.  Gardening will require a lot of bending and also kneeling to take care of beautiful gardens and also other areas around the home.  There can also be a lot of weedings that will need to be done depending on the time of year.  Weeding is pretty demanding during the spring and summer months of the year.  During winter and autumn is a great time to start preparing and getting garden areas ready for some spring and summer planting.  Gardening adds a very personal and special touch to a yard and is also a great way to put that imagination to work.  It is so much fun to plan out a garden area or also landscape around the home and once the project is finished a home owner will be thrilled at how it turns out.  garden1Gardening takes time to complete the project, but they enjoy it once they are completed. Get quiet time outside away from all the stress of a busy day at work.  Gardening is a great stress reliever which makes another great reason to step into this as a great hobby. It will bring some much-needed life and color to a home, and there are also plants that will add color all year round.  Gardening can also keep someone very busy because sometimes projects can take a few days and even a few weeks to complete. Unwind is also a great way to create some time to yourselves when it is needed.